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Bantoo is a world of separate digital solutions, giving users easy access to an ecosystem of new tools to facilitate the everyday. Digital banking services, free communication tools, diversified entertainment and professional tools open up new doors for a brighter future. All in one place.


A line of new Bantoo smartphones is soon available for pre-order. Stay tuned!

The new series of Bantoo smartphones will be launched in 2024. Exclusive pre-order opportunities will be revealed shortly.

The Bantoo devices bring together top design and the latest Android features, including all latest Bantoo applications and software to facilitate your everyday.

Bantoo smartphones are affordable, reliable and part of an expanding technological revolution to democratise new smart services. Simply put, Bantoo is the key to facilitating your everyday.

Diversified solutions

Bantoo services

Upgrade your communication and sign-up for the features that suits you.

Payment services

Bantoo Pay

Digital payment services for a simplified life. Sign up today and start using your digital wallet.

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Social media

Bantoo Link

Create your own universe and link with the world. Share updates on your story and discover new tools.

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Free communication app

Bantoo Chat

Free mobile app for audio calls, text messaging with fun features or high-quality audio calls.

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Mobile credit & internet data

Bantoo Top-Up

Top-up mobile credit from 900 mobile operators in 152 countries around the globe.

Top-up mobile credit >>

Food delivery system

Bantoo Food

Order your favorite local dish for quick delivery directly to your door. Track delivery in real time.

Discover Bantoo Food >>

Transportation service

Bantoo Taxi

Make money driving. Register as a driver in the growing community of local transport. More coming soon.

Discover Bantoo Taxi >>

e-Banking services

Bantoo Bank

Digital banking for creatives. Make online payments, request a bank card and use financial services.

Discover Bantoo Bank >>

Music streaming

Bantoo Music

Discover a diversity of music for streaming. If you make music, you can start making money on it.

Tune in to Bantoo Music >>

Film streaming

Bantoo Film

Discover films from around the world. Or watch your favourite series or live TV in direct.

Discover Bantoo Film >>

Video streaming

Bantoo Play

Upload and share your videos with the world, while collecting revenues on your copyrights.

Discover Bantoo Play >>

Shopping platform

Bantoo Market

The world of shopping is close! Choose from international brands or small-scale upcoming products.

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Bantoo Doctor

Nearby Doctor Appointment Booking Service for innovative and improved health care.

Discover Bantoo Doctor >>

Professional Tools

Bantoo Pro

Explore new business opportunities and take your career to the next level.

Business work tool

Bantoo Teamwork

SaaS Project Management System - the most powerful & simple way to collaborate with your team.

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Online sales

Bantoo Market

Create your digital store and start selling your products around the world on Bantoo Market.

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Agriculture business

Bantoo Agri

Strengthen your agricultural activity with digital tools and an ecosystem of new opportunities.

Discover Bantoo Agri >>

Business platform

Bantoo Business

Benefit from a network of global professionals and organisations to take your carrier to the next steps!

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Bantoo Top-Up Reseller

Develop a career within the mobile industry. Apply to become a mobile Top-Up reseller and earn fast cash.

Apply to be a Bantoo Reseller >>

Government institutions tool

Bantoo Gov

Digital tools for facilitating and improving administration. For quality services to citizens.

Discover Bantoo Gov >>

New job opportunities

Bantoo Taxi

Advance your career thanks to new technical solutions. Register as a driver in the growing community.

Discover Bantoo Taxi >>

New job opportunities

Bantoo Doctor

Are you a qualified health professional or pharmacist? Extend your work opportunities digitally.

Discover Bantoo Doctor >>

Free work tools

Bantoo Design

Are you a designer, art director or do you need to learn from scratch? Use advanced tools free of charge.

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Food delivery system

Bantoo Food

Do you have a restaurant and are looking to extended your business? Sign up to Bantoo Food.

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Join our team

Bantoo is expanding! We're looking for the brightest minds to join us. Drop a line and send us your CV.

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Bantoo works to build an inclusive world and facilitate everyday life for a maximum of people.

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